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About Koscielisko

Koscielisko village, which is located in the south of Poland and near the border with Slovakia, is Lesser Poland Voivodeship. This village is established on the outskirts of the Gubałowski Series in the Kościeliska River region, and it is 1183 meters above sea level. Koscielisko is in one of the most beautiful scenic areas of the Tatra Mountains, and it is considered as one of the places where Polish skiing was born, especially because it is a village that has 38 competitors on the Winter Olympics. It is also a region that attracts tourists with its biathlon center and sports events.

Because of its proximity to the Tatra National Park, Kościelisko is an excellent starting point to the mountains and it is one of the tourist attractions. If you prefer to take a route towards Tatras, you can reach from Przysłop Miabilirsiniztusi to Nędzówka and Gronik Valley.

Koscielisko also offers extremely good opportunities for cross, track and standard skiing. Skilled skiers of all levels can encounter the excitements they can enjoy in the mountains around the village, and it is also possible to reach special tracks and training for beginners. You can also go on trekking and cycling tours thanks to numerous well-marked trails and about 50-kilometer-long bike paths. You can witness fascinating views across forests, villages and fields, and take great photos of them. There are many works belonging to folk architecture in the village of Kościelisko. The most important among them is the Prince Kazimierz built in 1914. You should definitely visit this church, which was designed by Stefan Matejko, the nephew of stained-glass windows Jan Matejko.                         

You should breathe the air of Koscielisko especially by visiting the Zakopane neighborhood to gain access to restaurants, taverns, swimming pools, sports centers, ski slopes, clubs, shops and many more tourist attractions. The best time to travel to Koscielisko is winter months for ski lovers. You can travel to Koscielisko in all seasons, which has good things to offer throughout the year.

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