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Komárno, which is accepted the center of Danubeland, has the title of being one of the oldest settlements of Slovakia. The town, where you will encounter many architectures dating back to the Middle Ages, stands out with its cultural richness and thermal springs. The construction date of the Komárno Castle, which is one of the structures identified with the town, dates back to the 13th century. The port of Komárno, which is the biggest river boat manufacturer in Central Europe, is also among the largest ports in Europe. You can start your tour in the town with the magnificent Zichy Palace located in the center of Komárno. After stopping by the palace which began welcoming its visitors as the Museum of Danubeland (Museum of Danube River) after being restored in 1989 and is located on J. Klapku Square, you can visit other structures on the square. The city hall, which is located on the same square and bears the traces of the Neo-Renaissance architecture, is definitely worth seeing. The town of Komárno, which is one of the main places that lead the thermal tourism of Slovakia, has an excellent location on the banks of the Danube River. You can go to the thermal swimming pool of Komárno, which is very rich in terms of thermal springs. The pool has a temperature of 37 centigrade degrees. In addition to the thermal swimming pool, which is considered to be good for rheumatic and gynecological diseases, there are also various areas for visitors who want to enjoy recreational activities. You can stay at one of the thermal facilities where you can enjoy many activities such as water slides, volleyball courts, table tennis tables, swimming pools for children and many more. In addition, there are other activities such as Finnish sauna, Finnish massage, hydro-massage, beauty saloons, eating and drinking areas etc.

Číčov Oxbow Lake National Nature Reserve, which is among the cultural and historical places to visit, is very close to the public square. The Slovak Central Observatory in Hurbanovo, the wooden brigde in Kolárovo and the Roman military camp in Iža should be among the places to visit in this city. You can visit the permanent exhibitions at the Danube Museum, which sheds light on the history of Komárno, and obtain interesting information about the history of the town. The Courtyard of Europe, which impresses its visitors with its unique architecture, is among the places to visit in the town. The Courtyard of Europe, which is located next to the Danube River, is considered as the historical center of the town. You should also visit the St. Stephen, IV Belo and Mary Theresa gates in the region. Berek Forest Park, which is located in Veľký háj in the southwestern part of Nové Zámky, is also an ideal place for the families with children. You can travel here from Komárno for one-day. What makes the forest park, which is close for motor vehicles, interesting is that it is home to a 200-year-old Pedunculate oak.

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