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About Kobe

Being a quite small city, Kobe is of great importance for Japan due to its location. The biggest advantage of being a small city is that everywhere is within walking distance. With its ports, Kobe is also recognized as an important region in Chinese and Japanese commerce. Kobe is located in the northside of Osaka Bay and known for its Hakutsuru Sake Brewery Museum, in which the history of the national beverage of the Japanese called “sake”, made of rice and grain powder, is told. Besides, with its 43-metre-height, Nunobiki Falls offers a wonderful view of the mountainsides of Kobe. The sixth-biggest city of Japan, Kobe’s most of the ancient remains are presented in Kobe City Museum. Known as the shelter for the hardest times according to the belief, Ikuto Shrine is famous for both being established in 201 A.C. and being a shelter during many disasters. If you would like to escape from the city for a little while, you can take a cable car to go to Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens. The only available medium of transportation to these gardens is cable car. This area, located 400 metres up, has breathtaking views at all hours of the day and night. In Nunobiki Herb Gardens, there are also the most luxurious restaurants and cafes of Kobe that you can try different tastes accompanied with this wonderful view. If you like jazz music, you can drop by the bars and cafes in the city center of Kobe after 8 p.m. Moreover, there are also shops from the beginning to the end of the ports that give the visitors the opportunity to shop, especially hand-made textile products. In this small city, in which that you can feel the Japanese culture at every step, the districts of Kitano-cho and Nankimachi are  definitely worth seeing. You can arrive Kobe from Tokio. Since the rail system is quite advanced, you can prefer getting to the city by train. As the temperature rises in Spring, many entertaining activities and festivals are held in Kobe during this time of the year.