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Located in the Central Bohemian Region of Czechia, Kladno makes its visitors feel satisfied with its historic and cultural texture. The best thing you could do in this mining city is to visit Mayrau Open Air Museum of Mining, where coalmine had been extracted since 1874 and has served as a museum since 1994 until today. You will need 2 hours to see the whole museum thoroughly and it is possible to see the mining equiptment, shelter, and elevators and lifts, etc here. Moreover, there is a gallery area for industrial arts as well. Also, if you wish, you can see the museum in a panoramic view from the observation tower in the region.      

Sládeček Museum of Natural History sheds light on the history of this city since the prehistoric era and has various places to discover such as chateau and park in it. Furthermore, located in an old residential area around Zákolany village, the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul is one of the symbols of Chech  Republic and another historic place that must be definitely visited. Industriální cesta Vojtěšskou hutí (Industrial Path through Vojtech's Steelworks) was open for visit in 2009 within the framework of a project in steelworks region. It is in fact an educational course and a historical region where you can discover many places such as the villa of the director, storage areas, and also a virtual tour area with interactive training.

Kladno is a perfect city for aquatic-sports lovers, since you can freshen up in swimming pools in Bažantnice and Sletiště or enjoy many water slides there. Municipal Stadium Sletiště is a activity area quite popular for having a gym, bicycle tracks as well as trampoline parks and roller-skate parcours. If you are good at games, you can drop by a game centre called Virtual Game in Sítná, where you can spend a great time with VR and game simulators in the virtual reality world.

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