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About Kitzbuhel

Kitzbühel is a small town located in the foothills of the Alps and close to the German border in western Europe. The town is very famous for being an attractive winter sports center. The town, which has a great number of accommodation centers, welcomes many skiers every year with its winter sports tracks. Kitzbühel surrounded by mountains, lakes and ponds fascinates its visitors with its epic atmosphere. The town is very green in spring and summer months while it is snowy in winter months.

In winter months, it is possible to do almost every winter sports in Kitzbühel. Skiing is one of the most commonly preferred sports. Streif is accepted as one of the toughest downhill courses of the world. Alternatives such as climbing, cycling, golf, swimming, trekking and even beach volleyball are offered to the visitors in the spring and summer months. Throughout the year, Kitzbühel is home to various championships, races, festivals and events such as World Snow Polo Championship, bicycle marathon, golf festival, motor races, music festival, tennis tournament and classic car races.  

The old town square protecting its medieval texture and its surrounding should definitely be visited. St. Catherine's Church, an example of the gothic architecture dating back to the 14th century, is one of the places to visit in Kitzbühel. The city receives plenty of precipitation all year round especially in the summer months. The temperature in Kitzbühel is measured around 20-23 degrees in the summer months while in winter it drops to -8 and there is plenty of snow.

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