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Kežmarok is a town in the Spiš region of eastern Slovakia. The population of this historical place, located on the Poprad River, is approximately 17000. Founded with the combination of a group of German immigrants and Slavic settlements, Kežmarok is always known for the central position of education in the region. The town provides the visitors with an appropriate atmosphere for both summer and winter holidays. Kežmarok has a very lively atmosphere due to the Popular European Commerce Festival in summer. Kežmarok is among the towns which can be explored easily by walking. The historical town can be explored within a half day by walking.

The Evangelical Wooden Church, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and the Basilica of the Holy Cross are among the most fascinating structures of the town. Kežmarok is also famous for hosting the biggest school library of Europe. There are around 150000 books in different languages in this library, where rare and valuable books can be found. Kežmarok Castle and the town museum that covers a part of the castle and hosts various historical exhibitions can be given as examples for the other important structures and the centers to visit.

The town center is also considered as a significant place, where gorgeous architectural structures are preserved. You shouldn’t leave the town without seeing the Old Market, which is one of the oldest settlement areas of Kežmarok dating back to the 13th century with restored houses. The town is also popular with being under the influence of several architectural movements throughout its long historical journey. It is possible to see Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styled buildings in almost every corner of the town. You can reach Kežmarok by taking the Bratislava-Poprad-Košice train. This is one of the fastest directions to reach the town.

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