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Keszthely, found on the western bank of the Balaton Lake, is one of the oldest settlements in the West of Hungary. The city is well known, especially in Hungary, for its hot springs. Keszthely is quite small so you can get to many of the important sites on foot, but if you want another great way to see the city then there’s also a tourist train that goes on a ring tour for a reasonable price.

Festetics Palace is one of the important architectural and historical icons of the city. It’s known also as the Helikon Kale Museum, and is one of the first stops for anyone visiting Keszthely. There are concerts held at Festetics Palace during the summer, so if your holiday is planned for this time then it might be a lovely addition to your visit to see a concert there. The Balaton Museum and the Cadillac Museum can be recommended for those who like to see museums or Cadillac enthusiasts. One of the most beautiful places in Keszthely is Helikon Environment Park. This green area between the city center and the lake is a great space to go for a walk, and offers both great views and relaxation. It’s also possible to try some traditional snacks here, or have some beer or coffee. You can also swim in Lake Balaton, there’s a beautiful beach beach on the shores of the lake and even a water slide. There’s a bazaar on Piac Square every Wednesday and Saturday that sells a wide range of things including food, textiles, clothing, and gift items.

Keszthely has plenty of rainfall all year-round. The temperature drops below minus during the winter months, and can go up to 27-28 degrees during the summer.

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