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About Kastrup

Kastrup is a suburb of Copenhagen, located on the east coast of Amager in Tårnby Municipality. Kastrup is situated only 11 kilometers away from Copenhagen. Nyhavn, which is among the symbols of Kastrup, determines the borders of the canal with its colorful buildings and boats. In the center, where you can find many restaurants, pubs and bars as well as art events, you can spend a pleasant time.

Blue Planet Aquarium, which is among the places to visit, is fascinating with its architecture. The aquarium which is home to 20 thousand fish and ocean creatures, has been offering service in the place of the National Aquarium of Denmark since it was opened in 2013. Blue Planet, with its futuristic architecture, is also home to sharks and sea lions. In addition, the biggest piranha school of Europe is located in it.

In Strandpark, the wooden structure, which looks like a gift from the future and turns the ocean into a pool, is the favorite of the local people and tourists. Built to keep sharks away, this award-winning modern building is a semi-circular line that surrounds the sea. This structure is made of African trees, which are said to be harder than steel to avoid being affected by wind and sea salt. At nights, the structure illuminated by a special system offers a wonderful view. Tivoli Gardens, which are open from mid-April to mid-September, are among the places to visit. In Tivoli, which is also home to an entertainment park for children, you can spend relaxing time in nature. The 400-year-old Rosenborg Castle, which is a popular park of Copenhagen, is located in the King’s Garden. The castle was built by Christian IV, one of the famous Scandinavian kings. In the castle, there are coronation thrones and the Great Hall with a silver lion guard.

In Kastrup, you can find delicious alternatives from the local cuisine which concentrates on meat, meatball, sausage, potato and jam desserts. In addition, you can try seafood, fish and cheese types. You can find various dishes for affordable prices. You can also visit one of the elegant restaurants and experience different tastes.

The best time to visit Kastrup is June, July and August months when the temperatures are around 18-19 degrees.

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