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About Kamala

Kamala is a town connected to the holiday paradise of Phuket, in the southern tip of Thailand. Kamala is a small and quiet place with some beauiful bays and beaches. The clear blue sea is just one of the factors that makes Kamala appealing as a holiday destination.

While it’s possible to find a good variety of restaurants and bars with friendly atmospheres, the nightlife is not very active in Kamala. You can instead enjoy your evenings by attending some of the wonderful shows that bring together the folklore and traditions of Thai culture. If you want livelier entertainment, or fancy a bit of dancing, then you can go to Patong, which is relatively nearby. A lack of variation in evening activities notwithstanding, there is no lack of daytime activities in Kamala. Water sports are particularly popular here, there are diving tours you can take part in among different activities. Relaxing Thai massages can be found in abundanceas in the rest of the country. There’s also a wonderful theme park nearby called Phuket FantaSea. Kamala is considered as a must-see for those visiting Phuket. If you like elephants then you could take part in elephant riding tours. However, it might be a good idea to do some research beforehand to make sure that any elephants you interact with are kept in ethical environment that are responsive to their needs as intelligent and social animals. If you want to do some shopping then you can get some bargains by visiting the two different urban markets in Kamala. Don’t forget to try plenty of tropical fruits while you’re there.

The climate in Kamala is tropical, which means the temperature stay around 26-27 degrees all year round, and there's quite a high amount of humidity. The rainy season is between September and March, and tropical storms can occur during this period. There’s also a park in Kamala in memory of called Tsunami Memorial Park to commemorate those who lost their lives in the tsunami disaster in 2004.

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