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In the south of Thailand, Jomtien Beach is a coastal town on the shores of the Gulf of Thailand. There are many hotels, restaurants and beaches in the area alongside a heavy concentration of holiday homes and summer resorts. It’s 6 km distance to Pattaya center has made Jomtien Beach a popular tourist destination. Transportation in Jomtien Beach is mainly done with open, benched, jeep like vehicles or with motorcycle taxis that have attached seating areas. You should try to negotiate on the price before getting into of the motorcycle taxis.

Visitors of Jomtien Beach can visit Pattaya, see the famous Walking Street, or go to the Ko Lan Island that’s just off the coast. Just 15 km south of Jomtien Beach, the Pattaya Dolphin World is somewhere where both adults and children can have a good time. Another must-see is The Sanctuary of Truth, or the Temple of Truth, which is just 13 km north of Jomtien Beach. The construction of the temple has been ongoing for hundreds of years, with no material other than wood being used. It’s truly a piece of art. The option to get a relaxing Thai massage is available to anyone visiting Jomtien Beach, as it is in the whole of Thailand. There are a lot of massage parlors here where you can enjoy an authentic Thai massage. It’s advisable to consult with your hotel about which parlor to go to for a safety and quality. Thai cuisine can be challenging for a western palate, but there are variety of restaurants and cafés that serve international food in Jomtien Beach, so you won’t go hungry even if you don’t like the local cuisine. You shouldn’t forget to try some of the fresh tropical fruits that are available from local markets. If you want to be active and add a bit of excitement and adventure to your trip then there are also a lot of options for various water sports on Jomtien Beach, such as parasailing, jet skiing, and scuba diving. Your visit may also coincide with the Jet Ski World Cup or with one of the many other different events and festivals that are held here.

The climate in Jomtien Beach is tropical meaning that the weather is quite hot and humid all year round. The seasons are separated in to either dry or wet here, and most visitors prefer to come between April and December, when the weather is the driest. If you come during the other times of the year then you might catch some tropical and rain and a few storms.

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