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Jelenia Gora, which is also known as Jelonka among the local people, is a charming Polish town located in Lower Silesia region and in the foothills of the huge mountain range Karkonosze. The town, which has a population of about 85 thousand people, is one of the rare places where you can see the oldest and the most interesting European culture views.

According to a legend, the town, which was founded by the Polish prince Boleslaw III in 1108, was firstly located on the region where two rivers Bóbr (Beaver River) and Kamienna (Stone River) connects. The valley, where the town is located, is known as the place where kings, princes and famous knights from the German descent lived. The town, which has a history of approximately 900 years, is famous for its works reflecting its deep-rooted history, hot springs and the view known as the “Pearl of the Karkonosze Mountains”.  In the old town center, you can see Art Nouveau style houses, remains of the old fortifications and Baroque-Gothic style churches. You feel like travelling in time on the streets of Jelenia Gora which has many castles and palaces to see. In the museums of the town, you can see an interesting bird-butterfly exhibition as well as the biggest glassware collection of Poland.  

Nature sports are quite common in the town which has a natural beauty covered with mountains and forests. Jelenia Gora is a favorite place for those enjoying nature activities with its rock climbing, forest discoveries on horseback and ski slopes attracting ski enthusiasts in winters. Karkonosze National Park's parks and bicycle paths are also perfect for getting in touch with the nature. It is also known that the hot springs in Cieplice region of the town have been good for urinary and eye complaints for centuries.

The town is home to many festivals and culture events throughout the year. Silesia Festival, Vienna Music Festival, Krokus Jazz Festival and international street theater festivals are among the events that the visitors of the town can enjoy.

The closest airport to the town is Wroclaw – Copernicus Airport which is located 112 kilometers away. You can travel to the town from the airport by using the trains, buses and taxis.

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