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About Jablonec nad nisou

Jablonec nad Nisou, which is located in Liberec region of the country, is a beautiful town with its spectacular historical buildings and perfect nature. The town, which is one of the two biggest settlements of the region, has a deep-rooted history.

The town is one of the favorite places of winter sports enthusiasts thanks to the Jizera Mountains located near the town. The town is famous for jewelry and glass production. The name of the region is thought to have been derived from the word meaning “little apple tree”. The town, which began to be called with different names due to the effect of the German settlers coming here, has developed in the course of time and reached its today’s status with the effect of jewelry and glass production. The renovations in the field of industry have increased the life standards in the region.

Today, Jablonec nad Nisou or Jablonec in short, is a popular holiday destination especially for families who love winter sports. Moreover, the region is very popular with its sports activities. Ice hockey, football, swimming and athletics are some of the sports branches that maintain their importance here.

When you come to the region in the period continuing from spring to autumn, you can witness the change of the nature that promises miraculous views. In the winter months, you can enjoy skiing or go back to your childhood by playing snowball. Enjoying the nature by wandering around the very green valleys in the spring and summer months is another alternative. It is also quite entertaining to rent a car for travelling around the town which is connected to the important centers of the country by land. If you don't want to rent a car, you can still provide your transportation in the town by walking. For the nearby places, you can consider using a shuttle.

In Jablonec nad Nisou, the weather gets warmer in the spring and summer months. You should also know that the weather is very cold in the winter season continuing from December to March. For this reason, if you will visit the town in the winter, you should take appropriate clothes with you in order not to feel cold.

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