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Island of Malta is the biggest island of the Maltese archipelagos consisting of 5 islands as three big and two small islands. The island is also called Valletta to be differentiated from the name of the country. Malta, the country of islands, is located in the south of Sicily between Africa and Europe, in middle of the Mediterranean. While the Maltese archipelagos cover a surface area of 316 square kilometers in total, the Island of Malta covers an area of 256 square kilometers itself.

This biggest island of Malta is a cultural, administrative and commercial center. Its architecture designed with honey-colored stones in harmony with the turquoise sea is the biggest characteristic of the island. The Island of Malta has a 7000-year-old history, where you will feel like you are visiting an open air museum. The Phoenicians in the 8th century BC, the Carthaginians in 480s BC and the Romans, the Normans and the Muslims later became the residents of the islands. You can feel the historical atmosphere while walking through the squares where Saint John’s Knights fought and the structures of the knights made of the Maltese stone. You can witness the archeological ruins, cultural monument and architecture of its wealthy history in very few areas of the world. In the Rotunda of Mosta (Church), a bomb, which was dropped during the Second World War in 1942 and didn’t explode, is being exhibited. Mosta, one of the churches with the biggest dome of the world, is one of the most beautiful structures of Malta.

Mdina is the next popular city following Valletta in the Island of Malta. Rising over a hill in middle of the island, the city is the oldest and most historical city of the country. No vehicles can enter the city which the walls constructed by the Phoenicians are surrounding, and it is considered as ‘the Silent City’ as there are no markets and roads.  

The Island of Malta, which was a British colony for almost 160 years, gives importance to education as well. It is one of the destinations preferred in recent years because of both reasonable prices and life quality by those who want to learn English.

The most appropriate times to visit the Island of Malta, whose climate is hot in summer and mild in winter, are the first months of spring and autumn seasons. The closest airport where you can land during your trips to the island by air is the Malta International Airport, which serves all the islands. The airport is located 5 kilometers in the south of the capital city Valletta. You can reach the city center by taking the local buses, taxis or airline shuttles.

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