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About Iskenderun

The coastal city of Iskenderun connected to Hatay in the south of Turkey is an important port of call due to its large harbor. Iskenderun Harbour is a major transfer location for maritime commerce.

Even though the coastal part of Iskenderun has a warm Mediterranean climate as a southern city, the inner districts are located in large highlands where the temperature is quite cool. A great portion of the locals has houses on these highlands, where they spend the summer months.

Bagras Castle and the Maritime Museum are among the top sights for visitors. It is possible to find especially beautiful beaches on the way to the town of Arsuz, which is located 35km southwest of Iskenderun. The nightlife in Iskenderun is also quite vibrant.  On Saturdays it is possible to find many locations where one can enjoy live music. The various fish restaurants along the coast are also great alternatives for a pleasant evening meal.

Hatay is well known for its desserts in Turkey and Iskenderun has its fair share of these delicacies. You can find Hatay’s famous tepsi kebab, a type of kebab served in a round tray, sirk lor cheese, katıklı bread, a type of bread with added meat, künefe, a cheese pastry dessert, and many others in Iskenderun. If you have enough time, you can eat the famous Belen Tava kebab in Belen. The locals of Iskenderun are certainly keen on their coffee; the smell of freshly ground coffee can be found spreading along the streets of Iskenderun at any time of day. Make sure you experience the pleasure of drinking coffee by the sea in the teahouses on the coast. If you want to prolong your coffee pleasure you can answer yes to your waiter when he asks you ‘Süvari mi olsun?’ This question literally means ‘Should it be cavalry?’ and if you answer yes, than your coffee will be served in a traditional teacup, bigger than the normal Turkish coffee cup.

You can reach Iskenderun, a must see for gourmets, with a bus from Adana or Hatay Airport. The airport is around 40km from Iskenderun and can be reached easily through airport shuttles or rental cars.

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