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Aneityum, a tiny island town in the west of the Australian continent, is one of Vanuatu's secret heavens. The city is more commonly known as Mystery Island. Anatom and Keamu names can also be used by local people. The population of the city is about 1000.

The city airport is located on a small island connected to the main island and the main island is being reached by boats.

Aneityum is a city under the influence of the tropical climate. The temperature is measured around 25-26 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Sea water temperature does not fall below 24 degrees throughout the year. This means that lovers of the sea, sand, sun trio can visit the city every time of the year. However, it is important to remember that tropical rains are particularly effective in January, February and March.

Aneityum coasts consist of deserted and untouched beaches waiting to be discovered. The island always pleases those who want to sunbathe on white beaches and swim in crystal clear ocean water. The inner part of the city is entirely forestry and full of surprises like caves, rivers, lagoons, especially for those who love hiking.

Diving is an important activity that can be done besides swimming and trekking in Aneityum. You can scuba-dive or dive with snorkel on a tour that you can take and meet a truly breathtaking underwater world.

Giant lobsters are at the top of the flavors that everybody in this city must taste. Ink fish, crabs and various kinds of fish are other ingredients of the island's seafood richness.

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