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About Hoi an

Hoi An, which was formerly known as Fai-Fo and Faifoo, is located in Vietnam’s Quang Nam province. Old Town, which is one of the most interesting places of Hoi An whose history dates back to about 2000 years ago, is included in UNESCO World Heritage List. Hoi An, which was the main port of the Kingdom of Champa in the 16th and 17th centuries, is today one of the most important tourist destinations of Vietnam. Hoi An, which is one of the oldest settlements of Vietnam, fascinates its visitors with its calm atmosphere, Japanese merchant houses and magnificent Chinese temples.

Hoi An attracts a great number of tourists every year with its interesting architectures, temples, graves and Purple Forbidden City. In Old Town, there are mustard color stone houses, craftsman shops, bazaars and historical buildings. The best period to visit Hoi An is May, June and July months. The town is also famous for its rich cuisine. In the town, fishing is very developed. There are many restaurants where you can try delicious tastes from Japanese, Chinese and Portuguese cuisines as well as Vietnamese cuisine. You can spend time in the shade of the huge coconut trees surrounding the river. You can taste noodle salad, pho, fish pie and crispy pancake by visiting one of the restaurants offering regional tastes in Old Town.  

You can travel to the most famous beaches of Vietnam from Hoi An for one day. You can also enjoy bicycle and boat tours. You can reach Bang Beach in the north and Cửa Đại which is the closest beach to the town by renting a car or getting on a bicycle. The best place to do shopping is Cam Nam Island which is only a few kilometers away from the center. It is possible to use a bicycle to reach many regions of Hoi An where bicycles are more commonly used than automobiles and motorcycles. You can even discover the streets of Hoi An in company with a guide by joining one of the bicycle tours organized in certain periods of the year. Bicycle tours generally consist of two different routes as 50 km and 9 km tour.

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