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Höfn, also known as Höfn í Hornafirði, is a small fishing settlement in Iceland. Located in the northeast of the country, Höfn attracts many tourists every year thanks to the fjords in the immediate vicinity.

Fishing has been an important source of livelihood from past to present in Höfn surrounded by small islands. Both fishing on boats and the processing of the fish in the facilities have great importance in commercial life in the region. The fish that are processed in factories in the city and its surroundings are among the main factors that have played a role in the economy of the region for a long time. The share of tourism, which has been developing thoroughly in recent years, is getting bigger increasingly. The fact that some scenes of many famous films such as 007 James Bond and Lara Croft Tomb Raider were filmed here makes the city more attractive for tourists.

You can make your reservation at a few hotels you can stay in the city center when you travel to the city. While visiting around, you can easily find the places like supermarkets, stores and florists where you can do shopping for your needs.

You should absolutely attend the local festivals to get to know more about the region's quite interesting cultulral traditions and features. The lobster festival, held every year in first weekend of July, could be a good start in this sense. Höfn is also known for hosting some museums that reflect the geological, ecological and historical features of the region very well. Once you travel to the region, it is possible for you to have a pleasant and culturally satisfying time only by spending a few hours in these places.

Höfn, an important fishing center since the past, is exactly a paradise for those dreaming of tasting delicious fish and seafood. You can go to the small restaurants in the area, choose from the menus and pamper yourself with the delicious dishes of the local cuisine.

Without a doubt, one of the most extraordinary and interesting places you can ever see during your trip to Höfn is Gamlabúð. The building, which was used as a trade center for a while, was later converted into a store. Nowadays, it serves as a tourist information center.

When it comes to Höfn and sports, it is the football that comes to mind first. The football team of the city, playing in the Icelandic league, is known for its exciting encounters. If you like the activities such as climbing and hiking, you can enjoy a variety of sports activities in the area.

The climate in the region differs considerably from summer to winter. During the summer season, the number of daytime hours within a day increases depending on the season change. If you travel to Höfn and the surrounding places during the summer months such as June and July, you will experience the temperatures like 9-10 degrees Celcius. When you arrive in the city in winter, please note that the thermometers show around 1-2 degrees.

Höfn is also very easy to reach and travel thanks to its well-planned highway connections. You can easily arrive here by car from Reykjavik, which is about 450 kilometers away. If you prefer air travel, you can fly from Hornafjörður Airport via the flights between the capital city and Höfn.

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