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About Himeji

Himeji, which is located in Kansai Region of Japan, is a popular destination for tourists with its famous castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The centuries-old Himeji Castle, which is one of the few original structures remaining from the feudal period of Japan, is the highest castle of Japan. You should definitely visit this castle remaining from 1346 and have a rest in its gardens. 

After getting off at Himeji Station, you will be welcomed by the Castle View. Thanks to the observation platform here, you will be able to watch the splendid view over Japan's most beautiful castle. Around the station, you can spend enjoyable time by eating or relaxing in its garden. In Koko-en Garden, which was built for the city’s 100th anniversary on the area which was originally the garden of the castle, there are nine separate gardens. You can drink a special tea in the restaurant located in the gardens. You can visit the Egret Himeji complex having shopping malls and restaurants in company with the view of the Himeji Castle. You can try the local tastes of Himeji or spend time in its bar on the roof. Engyo-ji, where the scenes of the world-famous Last Samurai movie were filmed, is situated on Shosha Mountain. This structure dating back to 970 is an authentic temple. You should definitely visit this temple which is one of the important heritages of the Japanese culture.

If you want to see the traces of the European art in Japan, you can visit Himeji Museum. The museum building, which used to be an army center, is a unique structure with its red bricks. In Himeji, which is a sister city with Belgium, you can see the traces of the Belgian artists as a natural consequence of this situation. The museum is also home to a cafe which attracts many tourists. If you want to have a different experience here, you can visit Himeji Safari Park. In this exciting park, you can watch the lions, cheetahs, tigers and giraffes from the safari bus and enjoy go-kart. 

In Himeji, you can try special tastes from the Japanese cuisine. Soups, dishes made with rice, vegetables and fish are among the options you can try. Of course, sushi is among the tastes you should try in its homeland.  

The most beautiful time to visit Himeji is the week corresponding to the end of April and beginning of May. This period is called the “golden week” when the cherry trees blossom. In this period, Himeji attracts many tourists. The city can also be visited in all seasons since it also offers many activities throughout the year. 

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