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The popularity of Hikkaduwa has been rising since the 1970s and it’s become one of the most visited destinations of Sri Lanka. The beautiful Buddhist temples, charming villages, and scuba diving spots have definitely contributed to its rise in popularity. It’s possible to surf from November to March. You can rent everything you might need to surf from Hikkaduwa beach. It's also possible to obtain an underwater camera to photograph the colourful coral reefs and turtles.

There is accommodation to suit every budget in Hikkaduwa, so you can have an economic or luxurious holiday depending on the needs of yoru budget. Cinnamon Hotel could be a preferrence as it is close to Hikka Tranz beach. At the top of the list of activities to do in Hikkaduwa are scuba diving and surfing. Aside from these, you can also take part in trekking tours that are organised all over Hikkaduwa. If you want to surf then Hikkaduwa Beach is the plav

Located close to the centre, the 70 different colours of coral reefs in Hikkaduwa Coral Sanctuary are definitely worth viewing. Going to the Turtle Sanctuary famous for its turtles will cost 500 Rupees. Another one of the places most often visited is the Tsunami Museum dedicated to the 30 thousand people who lost their lives in the 2004 natural disaster. The museum has free entry and a good oppotunity to find out more details about the natural disaster.

There are cafes and restaurants, all more stylish than each other, along the main street in the centre of Hikkaduwa. These venues serve Sri Lankan specialties, seafood, vegetarian and vegan food, and Italian cuisine. The most famous dish of the venue ‘Get Fresh’ on the main street is curry and rice. Hikkaduwa also has a lot to offer in terms of coffee so you may find yourself tasting new kinds of coffee you haven't tried before. 

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