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About Havelock island

Havelock Island, which is one of the Andaman Islands in India, is located on the Indian Ocean. Havelock Island is a tourist destination becoming more popular every day. Thanks to its very clean sea and wonderful beaches, a great number of tourists visit the island.

The beaches on Havelock Island are named with sequence numbers, but every beach has a name among the public. Radha Nagar, Elephant and Kalapathar beaches are among the most popular beaches of the island. However, if you prefer a calmer bay, you can make a short search and find a place suitable for you.

Havelock Island has become more important in terms of tourism thanks to its fantastic sea and beaches and being a convenient destination for diving enthusiasts. You can snorkel and scuba dive on the island. However, scuba diving is mostly preferred and many diving teams visit Havelock Island.

Various fishing tours are also organized on the island. Even if you do not want to fish, you can have a chance to see the nearby small islands by joining these tours or hiring a fishing boat. If you get bored with blue, you can visit the very green forests of Havelock Island and take a nature walk.

Since fish diversity is abundant on the island, you should definitely try seafood. In addition, the bananas grown on Havelock Island are delicious. The most important point to take into consideration is that there are too many mosquitoes. You should take preventive measures against infectious diseases as well as taking protective clothing and sprays or lotions with you.

Transportation on the island is provided by bus but shared jeeps are also commonly used. Renting a bicycle, scooter or motorcycle comes to the forefront as an advantageous alternative.

If you are planning to visit Havelock Island for a sea holiday, sunny and hot days continue from January to May. The period from August to November is commonly preferred by divers. Heavy monsoon rains are experienced on the island from the end of May to the beginning of July. Due to this reason, you shouldn’t visit the island during this period if you don’t have to visit the island for an important reason.

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