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Harkany, which is located within the borders of Baranya region of Hungary, has been an important settlement for the region since the Middle Ages. Harkany is preferred by visitors because of the healing thermal water resources around its location, and it is the common choice of many visitors for health tourism every year.

According to the archaeological excavations carried out in the region, Avars and Huns used to live here 1000 years ago. When the calendars show the year 1823, the healing waters that are highly rich in sulfur were discovered by Pogány János. Therefore, it attracts tourists that are suffering from disorders such as rheumatism. Furthermore, it is known that the natural thermal waters around Harkany and are good for gynecological diseases and lymphatic disorders.

The hot spring waters in Harkany have been healing domestic and foreign visitors for almost 150 years. Thanks to that, the region is visited by one million people from other parts of Hungary and abroad every year. Especially outdoor swimming pools are extremely popular among those who want to be treated and have a pleasant time. If you are suffering from rheumatism, you can be treated at the hospital that specializes in rheumatism in Harkany in addition to its healing waters. It is known that drinking from the healing waters of the region has a healing effect on flu and influenza infections. In Harkany, which has been healing people with its thermal pools since 1925, you can enjoy your holiday easily both in summer and winter. Accommodation options are usually small thermal facilities. You can find the chance to visit the old artifacts by choosing a place close to the center.

During your trip, do not forget to visit the natural and historical places in the region, and you should also try the famous goulash soup of Hungary and taste other delicious Hungarian dishes. In order to travel to Harkany easily, you can use the buses departing from Budapest. Another transportation option is to take the train to the nearby station and then rent a car.

When you explore Harkany and its nearby area, you should definitely visit the Siklos Castle and the Malkocs Beige Mosque, which reflect the history of the region.

The population of Harkany, where the number of people settled is around 3500, is rising during the summer months with tourists. The majority of the population is from Hungarian origin and the others are German, Serbian, Slovak and Croats.

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