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About Haderslev

Haderslev is a Danish town extending 14 kilometers along the Baltic Sea in the valley of Haderslev Fjord. The town is also known as the “Wittenberg of the North”. Haderslev, which is located in Jutland in the south of the country, draws attention with its rich and well-preserved historical centers. The name of the town comes from the mythical king Hate in the ancient times. The coat of arms of the town, which has been an important transition center in fjords throughout its history, consists of a bridge which is the narrowest point between pond and fjord.

You can see the restored buildings dating back to the 1570s while walking on the cobbled narrow streets of Haderslev which officially became a town in 1192. In 1984, the town was chosen as the “European Town of the Year”. You can feel the atmosphere of the old town by walking on the streets having many historical buildings surrounding Torvet, the market square reflecting its deep-rooted history. The huge Dutch-style houses on the square, magnificent cathedrals, 14 sculptures erected in 1987 and its museum documenting the history of the town are among the places to visit. Built in 1290, Haderslev Cathedral is located at the highest point in the city and it is among the ideal points for watching the view. Haderslev Museum is the main archaeological museum of the southern part of the country and you can see many works of art from the ancient period to the medieval age. If you visit the museum in the summer season, you can come across many events like folk dances. To watch the town from the sea, you can go on a nostalgic trip by getting on the paddle boat from the port.

Haderslev, which has a 24 km long canal leading to the neighboring town Vojens, has a wonderful nature. In Pamhule Forest and Haderslev Dam, the second largest nature reserve of Denmark, which was opened in 1994, you can observe the fallow deer species. You can also see many bird species on Hindemade marsh area located near the reserve. There is a tunnel between Haderslev and Vojens which you can pass by walking. The city has a perfect transportation infrastructure. You can reach Aarhus and Odense, which are among the biggest cities of Denmark, in about 1 hour by car. The closest airport to the town is Sonderborg Airport which offers domestic flights. The distance between the center and airport is 69 kilometers. Billund Airport is the international airport that is located 77 kilometers away and it is possible to travel to the center by using an airport shuttle, bus or train transfer. If you wish, you can rent a car at the airport.

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