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About Gumbet

Gümbet, which is a popular holiday destination thanks to its close location to the center of Bodrum, is generally the first choice of water sports enthusiasts and professional athletes. In Gümbet, which is known as the water sports center of Bodrum Peninsula, you can have an extraordinary experience. Among the activities that you can enjoy in Gümbet, there are windsurfing, parasailing, snorkeling, scuba-diving and water-skiing. We can say that Gümbet, whose nightlife is as lively as Bodrum, offers more budget-friendly alternatives in terms of accommodation, eating and drinking compared to Bodrum. Gümbet, which is famous for its coastline of about 1 km, economic accommodation centers, boutique hotels and holiday resorts, white-painted houses and bazaars, has many places to visit such as Bodrum Castle, the Museum of Underwater Archeology, the Ancient Theatre, rock graves dating back to the historical Hellenistic and Roman periods, windmills and the famous Myndos Gate.

Most of the famous Gümbet restaurants and cafes are located on the seashore. In Gümbet, you can try the traditional Mediterranean tastes as well as the tastes from the Aegean cuisine. Some of the festivals held in Bodrum that you can easily reach from Gümbet; International Bodrum Children’s Film Festival (February and April), Bodrum Cup International Sailboat Wooden Yacht Race (October 19-24), Ahmet Ertegün Jazz Festival (July) and International Bodrum Film Festival (September).

It is possible to reach Gümbet in just 5 minutes by getting on a bus from the center of Bodrum. The closest airport to Gümbet is Bodrum Airport. The ticket prices of Bodrum-Gümbet buses, which offer service for 24/7 in the summer months, are also budget-friendly.

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