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Grimentz is one of five old towns in the Sierre Valley in Val d'Anniviers. The distance of the city to the nearest one, Vissoie is 7.5 kilometers, to Zinal is 8 kilometers, and to Sierre is 23 kilometers. The city is a cultural jewel with the cute wooden buildings spreading up to a steep pace, narrow streets close to traffic, geraniums coloring the streets. The city has an altitude of 1,572 meters. Grimentz displays many panoramic images from the geranium road where you can see at least 30 aromatic species of geraniums, the De Moiry dam built in 1958 and the Moiry-Gletscher glacier. There is a 35 kilometer-long cable car network between Grimentz and Zinal, a city that is at least as authentic Swiss as the city itself.

The city, where you can find activities to do whatever the season, summer or winter, has fascinating nature. You can rest both your soul and body in the atmosphere of the city that brings together sports holiday with a cultural break. The city offers 100 kilometers-long cycling and hiking trails; you can also ski in the city during winter months in the ski tracks ranging from 2900 meters to 2130 meters. Cross skiing, sledding, winter walks are among the most popular winter sports in Grimentz, and the length of the tracks used in winter is reaching 220 kilometers. The city, which is listed as one of the best ski resorts in the world, has two ski schools and you can skate on the natural formation ice track. In the summer months you can go horseback riding, fishing, and enjoy nature in hiking trails. In the city where a folk music festival is held in July, you can watch the Grand Raid mountain bike races of 130 kilometers.

The Burgher Hause cellar in the city center, dating back to the 1550s, is quite famous. The wine that is kept traditionally in the barrels carved from the larch tree since the old nomadic farmers is called the white glacier wine, and is regarded as a symbol of the city.

The closes airport to Grimentz is Geneva Airport, and It is possible to reach the city from the airport, which is 200 kilometers away, after a ride of 2 hours 20 minutes.

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