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About Golden sands

The name of Golden Sands, which is located 18 kilometers north of Varna province of Bulgaria, comes from a myth that has been told for centuries. According to the myth, the nature took revenge from the pirates, who came to the beach to search for gold and turned the gold into sand. Since then, this place, which has a long beach in the Black Sea, is called Golden Sands.

The beaches of Golden Sands, which is the international holiday destination of Bulgaria, are also the longest beaches of the Black Sea. The sandy area has a length of 3,5 kilometers and at some points it can expand up to 100 meters. In addition to beach volleyball, windsurfing and parasailing, you can enjoy diving. There is a national park just next to the town called “the pearl of the Black Sea” with its green plantation covered by the broad-leaved forests and its blue flag crystal waters. You can watch an amazing view from the national park which is home to reptiles, wild boars, roe deers and rare bird species. The flora of this nature park includes a total of about 500 plant species. In this paradise, there are also hot springs which are good for asthma, bronchitis and stress. 

In Golden Sands, in addition to its charming summer atmosphere, you can find the traces of an impressive history. Aladzha Monastery, which is about 4 kilometers away from the town, is one of the important historical points in the region. According to some historians, the strange rock formations thought to remain from the 5th century BC were used until the 18th century. The monastery watches the Black Sea from the top of a cliff that has a height of about 40 meters. The walls of the monastery are full of interesting frescoes and there is a small museum near the monastery. Aquapolis Water Park is one of the entertaining places in the town where you can find many accommodation alternatives. You can enjoy a wide range of activities including water slides and wave pools in the Mediterranean style park. In the town, which has a temperature of about 27 degrees in the summer season, the average temperature is about 17 degrees in October.

If you prefer flying to Golden Sands, the closest airport, where you can land, is located in Varna. You can reach the town from the airport by using the buses, renting a car or getting on a taxi. The distance between the airport and town is 25 kilometers.

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