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Galle is the fourth largest city in Sri Lanka and is located at the southernmost point of the country. It’s possible to reach it from Colombo, the capital of the country, in just three hours by car. Some historians believe that the city dates back to as early as 1400 BC, but many features were developed following the fortification of the city by the Dutch in 1663. Three sides of the city are surrounded by the oceans and it exhibits a magnificent collection of architecture. While the city's curved streets, old mosques and churches, colonial buildings, museums and old port that were reconstructed after the tsunami disaster in 2004 take you on a journey through medieval history, the city's new face has stylish cafes, interesting boutiques and art galleries. One-third of the residences in Galle are foreigners, and the city is known as one of culture and art, chosen as a place to live by artists like writers, designers, and photographers.

In 1505, a Portuguese ship to the Maldives mistakenly arrived in Galle and it's possible to see Portuguese, English, and Dutch influences. The sites that best describe this aspect of the city’s history are the Dutch Reform Church built in 1754, the British Marine Lighthouse, the National Museum of Galle and the Maritime Museum.

The coastal city of the Indian Ocean is full of exotic beaches and stylish architectural tourism, and is on the UNESCO World Heritage list for its historic features. Galle's coastline is the ideal place if you like the sound of golden sandy beaches with palm trees, blue water, surfing, or seeing killer whales. You can also just enjoy walking along the water, or if you are more active, play water sports, all under a tropical climate.

Koggala Airport is the closest airport to Galle, just 16 kilometers away from the city center. You can reach the city by taxi or bus once you’ve landed.

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