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Fiumicino, which is a typical Italian fishing town, has a great location on the west coast of the country. The city is close to Leonardo da Vinci International Airport which is also known as Fiumicino Airport. It is possible to reach Fiumicino from other cities of Europe by train, bus or private car. In the city, where the Mediterranean climate is effective, the summer months and spring period are hot, and the winters are warm. In terms of accommodation, Fiumicino is one of the first preferences of foreign tourists who will visit Rome. In this context, it is an ideal city for a more economical Italian trip.

230 stores offer service in Leonardo da Vinci Parc, which is one of the first places that you should visit to shop in the city. In addition, there are various eating and drinking places in this mall. In this huge shopping mall which is also known as Parco Leonardo and is only a few minutes away from the airport, there are trendy clothes, a wide range of accessories, in short, anything that will attract the attention of every shopaholics.

You can go to Rome by getting on a train from Ostia Antica station in a short time or by a 15-minute drive from the Fiumicino city center. The ancient Roman city of Ostia is located near the River Tiber, in the west of Rome. Ostia Antica, whose history dates back to the ancient times, also hosts an archaeological site similar to the one in Pompeii.

You can stop by Malo Moda to see why Italy is called “the fashion capital of the world” and to do shopping at very affordable prices. You can go to Victoria Beach to meet delicious tastes in a traditional Italian restaurant and to breathe a great atmosphere in the open air by watching the amazing sea. In addition, you can taste the local flavors of Fiumicino on Victoria Beach, which offers many alternatives from fresh seafood to exotic drinks and delicious pizzas. For trying tastes from the Chinese cuisine, your first address should be Ristorante Cinese Miao Peng.

You can have a walk on the port of Porto di Traiano at the evening, and after the walk, you can taste delicious Italian pizzas at one of the restaurants in the area. You can go on a journey through time by seeing the Roman ruins in Ostia Antica and photograph the spectacular amphitheater. For colorful fishing boats, street foods, fascinating views of the River Tiber and more, you can go to Via Della Torre Clementina located in the region of Porto Di Traiano.

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