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About Finike

Finike (the ancient Phoenicus), which is a district of Antalya province in the Mediterranean Region, is known as a port city famous for its oranges. However, it also comes to the forefront as being one of the important tourist destinations. The district whose every corner smells orange is one of the most important places for both local and foreign tourists thanks to its fascinating bays and ancient cities witnessed deep-rooted civilizations. The district was occupied by the Phoenicians in 500 BC and thus named after its founders. It is located on the southern shore of the Teke Peninsula in the western end of Antalya. The ancient city of Arykanda, the ancient city of Apollonia, Gökliman Bay, Gökbük Canyon and Suluin Cave are among the places to be visited in the city.

The distance between Finike and Antalya city center is 114 kilometers. The population of the district which covers a wide region in terms of its surface area shows increase especially during the summer months. In the district, the characteristics of the typical Mediterranean climate are seen. The summers are hot and arid while the winters are warm and rainy. Trade is also common in the district which is largely economically based on agriculture. The factories that sell the produced citrus fruits produced to other cities in the country and abroad provide considerable employment to the local people.

If you want to come to Finike by plane, the closest airport to the district you can land at is Antalya Airport and the distance to the district from the airport is 141 kilometers. If you choose travelling by bus, you can reach the city by getting on the services frequently organized in spring and summer months from anywhere in the country.

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