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About Ferrara

Enlisted in UNESCO World Heritage, Ferrara is a city in the comune of Emilia-Romagna in Italy. Established by the Esta’s, one of the most powerful families during the Renaissance, Ferrara is a popular and fantastic destination for the tourists. Being referred to as one of the greenest cities of Italy, Ferrara seems like full of Medieval chateaus, parks, churches, and museums.

Estense Castle, originally known as St. Micheal’s Castle, is a wonderful architectural example dating back to Medieval Era. Surrounded by a moat, Estense Castle has stood as a symbol of the power for Ferrara since the 14th century. You can join the tours in the chateau and enjoy the architecture of the building. The Cathedral of Saint George, also known as Ferrara Cathedral, is among the popular spots of the tourists in the city with its beautiful architecture, and reliefs and frescos by the artists of the Renaissance.

The Cathedral Museum is a museum that offers a fascinating approach to the history of both the cathedral and other religious buildings in Ferrara. It exhibits special residuals such as various art pieces and altar crosses. Upon this impressive tour, you can have a break in the marvellous yard of it. Another cultural activity is Art Gallery of Palazzo dei Diamanti where art pieces dating back to the 13th and 17th century are displayed. Alternatively, you can join the bike- or walking tours organized by the experienced guides throughout the city.  

The Pareschi and the Massari Parks located in Corsa della Giovecca are a French garden built in the 15th century. You should definitely spend some time in these beautiful parks where open-air cinemas and various acitivities are held during summer.

Besides, you should definitely try special pasta and pizza varieties, the symbols of Ferrara’s local cuisine. Furthermore, it is possible for you to find world cuisine and street food at reasonable prices. Ferrara has many tourists all around the world especially during summer. If you are interested in visiting this city in a more tranquil period, the ideal time for you would be between December and March.

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