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Falun, which is a city in the Dalarna Region in the center of Sweden, used to be a huge copper production center for centuries. It is famous for its Big Falun Mine and Great Pit. The mine used to produce the two third of the copper need of Europe, and now, it is preserved as a museum. Falun Mine, which was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2001, also gives an idea about the history of the city with interacted exhibitions. Stora Kopparberg (now Stora Enso), which used to administer this mine, has existed more than one thousand years and is still the oldest company of the world, is nowadays doing business in the forestry industry, but still active.  The pit with a diameter of 400 meters, which emerged as a result of an explosion without any loss of life in the mine that was closed due to the summer solstice in 1687, is quite fascinating. You can see this place free of charge from outside or have a tour inside.

In Dalarnas Museum in the city, you can familiarize yourself with the Swedish folk art, music and costumes. You can have a look at a wonderful regional textile collection. In Sundborn Village, you should definitely see the old house and garden of the artist Carl Larsson, “the most famous house” of Sweden. Located 13 kilometers northeast of Falun and remaining from the early 20th century, the house of Carl Larsson and his wife Karin is visited with one-hour guided tours.

At the main square of the city, you can visit Kristine Church, which has a Baroque and Renaissance style inner space remaining from the 17th century and take a break in cafes at the square. Another gorgeous structure to see in the town is the Gothic Stora Kopparberg Church. You can have a daily trip to large Lake Runn extending from the southeast end of the city surrounded by islands. You can skate or enjoy the view on the lake, where skaters have fun on the frozen surface in winter. You can try winter sports in the ski centers in Källviksbacken in the south of the town and Bjursås in the north of the city.

In Falun, where you will find dishes on a large scale from the world cuisines to the local delicacies, you should definitely try the Falun sausages produced from veal and pork. The best time to travel to Falun can be the summer season lasting from June until September. If you travel within this period, you can catch the festivals held in June. For ski-lovers, the winter season between December and February can be appropriate.

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