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About Esztergom

Esztergom, in Northern Hungary, is one of the cities at the very heart of Central Europe where the cultures crossroad. The city, located on the banks of the Danube River, 46 kilometers from Budapest, is the center of the Hungarian Catholic Church, first capital of the country and one of the oldest cities in the country. On the opposite bank of the city, which has a view that reveals the beauty of the Danube River, is Slovakia. Maria Valeria Bridge connects the two countries separated by the river.

The city which is founded in 972 A.D. and the current center of the Hungarian Archbishopric is also important as a religious capital where the births of the Hungarian kings of the 13th century are blessed and crowned. The Basilica of Esztergom, the masterpiece of the city with the richest church collection in Hungary, is the third largest church in Europe. The Basilica, which was built by Prince Geza in the 1000s A.D. on top of a hill in the city, was converted into a church during the Ottoman reign and rebuilt as a church in the 1800s, is home to many important historical monuments of the Hungarian Renaissance, like the world’s greatest altar. Esztergom Castle, an important place for Turkish history, is another symbol of the city.

Other historical sites of Esztergom, the Hungarian city where nature and history meet, include the Primate Palace, Franciscan Monastery and many interesting churches and chapels. Besides the historical richness consisting of Turkish, Classical and Baroque architectures, the Kereszteny Museum, where you can see the works of renowned Renaissance artists, is among the places to visit in the city. Esztergom is often described as ‘St. Stephen’s Town’ since the first king of the country, Stephen, was born here in 975 and ‘Hungarian Rome’.

You can explore the city by foot, by the rail system or by a boat ride on the Danube River. The closest airport you use to get to Esztergom by air is Budapest Airport. It is possible to reach the city by from the airport which is 56 kilometers away from the city center tram, bus, train, taxi or a rental car.

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