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About Espoo

Espoo is the second largest city of Finland and just a few kilometers far from the capital city, Helsinki. The city has five different local centers where urban and rural lives are united together; thus, it has a different development than other parts of the country. Espoo is one of the 3 cities in the metropolitan region of Helsinki along with the cities Kauniainen and Vantaa, and approximately 250.000 people live in the city.

In the city, where individual houses are mostly common, the abundance of international companies and technology bases draw attention. Besides the modern atmosphere of the city, the nature and the peaceful atmosphere are also the features that form the city. While Nuuksio National Park, which is located in the north and consisted of the forests and lakes, is a land of winter wonderland of the reindeer, the Baltic Sea, which is located in the southern part of the city, has 165 islands and you can travel by boats and do water sports. The landscape of the city, where you will find the seashore, lakes, archipelago, nature reserves, plateaus and more, resembles almost a miniature Finland.

The country's largest art museum is the EMMA, and the city's cultural calendar is full of countless galleries and museums! You often encounter sports complexes in the city, where many activities, such as film and music festivals and symphony orchestras also take place constantly. The city, which has many supportive facilities for all types of sport, has more than 200 kilometers of cross ski runs. Espoo Cathedral, which was built in 1480, is the most special building in the long history of Espoo that the 13th-century King Road passed.

As well as the culture and nature which it is famous for, this beautiful city is also the center of scientific research. R & D centers within Aalto University have an international reputation. The city, which is the focus of geology, technology and current scientific projects, is one of the most popular centers for international congresses, fairs and conferences. Espoo was built on the principles of preserving nature and restoring the old. You can easily watch see the cityscape from the tallest buildings in the Tapiola district, which is one of the five best local centers.

The nearest airport to visit this beautiful city of Finland is the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. You can go to the city center, which is 24 kilometers far from the city center, by public transport, train, taxi or by renting a car.

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