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Envigado city is in the northwest of Colombia and is shown among one of the most active cities in the country with its fertile lands and industrial facilities. To the west of the Andes Mountains, near the river Porce, Envigados nearest neighbour is Medellin which is 12 kilometers away. Access to the city, which has rich options in culture, art and gastronomy, is very easy with the cities advanced road network. The city's founders were the Spanish people who came to the region in 1541 as in most of the cities of Colombia. The city of Envigado was taken in the early 18th century. Today, Envigado, which has the best quality of life in Colombia with its developed infrastructure and public services, consists of more than 40 neighborhoods, wooded streets, parks and houses built on one or two floors. The rural atmosphere of the city offers a favourable environment for many nature sports. Walking, mountain biking, bird-watching, outdoor activities such as bird watching. You are filled with energy during their festivals, especially during Christmas. You will find yourself filled with joy with the firework shows and salsa parties on the streets that last until morning. The main park in the city center is the social address of Envigado. The area welcomes you with its surrounding of bars, restaurants and cafes. The museum where the famous philosopher Fernando Gonzalez lived is a national monument and works exhibited in the life of the philosopher are exhibited there. Iglesia Santa Gertrudis Church, one of the most beautiful buildings of the city, is one of the most important place to visit on the city tour. If you want the experience of plenty of adrenaline from a tradition of the city, take part in the activity Cancha de Tejo which is a dangerous game specific to the people of Colombia and is one of the activities that will make the city unforgettable. This is a game that is played by throwing a metal disc into clay. The nearest airport to Envigado is Jose Maria Cordova International Airport in Medellin. Envigado city center is 31 kilometers away from the airport and you can travel by shuttle, taxi or by car rental.

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