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About Ennis

Founded as a religious center and ruled by the O’Briens, one of the prominent families of the region, at the beginning of 12th century, Ennis is located in the city of Clare in Ireland today. The town stayed a trade center from its transformation into one in the 18th century until the beginning of the 20th century.  With a population of only 25 thousand, the town fascinates everyone with its gorgeous structures that remained from the Middle Ages.

The ruins of the historical monastery built in the 12th century in Quin Abbey, historical structures in Ennis Friary from the same period and the ruins of the monastery which was built in the 16th century are visited by many people. The Clare Museum where historical artifacts found from historical buildings are exhibited are open for history lovers who would like to visit it. The most popular examples of music are presented by the local artists in the Fleadh Nua Festival, which started in 1974 in Ennis - a place where the Irish traditional music is alive - and is held regularly every year. Thanks to the River Fergus providing water for Ennis, which has quite fertile lands, the local people can survive by fishing besides agriculture.

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