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El Chalten, described as the 'dream town of every mountaineer' in all over the world with its magnificent mountains, is also considered as the national capital of trekking with its roads offering fascinating views.

El Chalten, located on an old glacier basin in the Patagonia region of South Argentina, lies between Vueltas River and Fitz Roy Mountain. The town is situated in the west of Santa Cruz and south of Andes. The town, which took the name “Chalten”, meaning mountain, from the Tehuelches Indians, is the second youngest town of Argentina. The town was established as a result of the border dispute with Chile in the beginning of 1980s.

The wonderful nature of the town consists of dense forests and Patagonia steppes. Walking is the most beautiful activity to do for exploring the town that looks like a portrait painted with green, blue and white colors and enjoying the natural beauty of the town. Mountain bike, horse and ATV tours are also organized for discovering the town.

Monte Fitz Roy and Cerro Torres Mountains are the favorite places of mountaineers since they are among the most impressive peaks of Patagonia. The town acts as a base in the region where the most beautiful national parks of Argentina are located. The Los Glaciares National Park, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, is one of these parks and is considered very important for the town. The Capri Lagoon, Laguna de los Tre, Viedma Lake, Piedras Blancas Glacier are among the most spectacular views to be seen in this beautiful mountain town.

The streets of the town breathe new life into the atmosphere of the town. Stores selling souvenirs, stalls selling smoked trout, restaurants and bars are among the commonly visited places by tourists especially in the summer months. The winter season is perfect for mountaineers. The temperature in the summer months vary between 3 and 15 degrees.

The closest airport to El Chalten is El Calafate International Airport. The airport is located 201 kilometers of the center of El Chalten. For your transportation, you can rent a car at the airport or transfer by using the airport shuttles.

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