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About Dungarvan

Dungarvan, established on the southern coasts of Ireland, is also a harbor connected to County Waterford.  The name of the town means “Garbhann’s Fort” in the native language of Ireland. This name refers to Garbhann, who founded a church in the past.

The total population of the historical settlement founded at the mouth of the Colligan River is about 10 thousand people according to the latest 2016 census. The population increases a little bit more with the connected districts around it.  The old fort that dates back to the 12th and 13th centuries is among the places to see while visiting the town. In addition, you can include the old graveyard, Devonshire Bridge and harbor in your trip plan. 

The closest airport to Dungarvan, which can be reached easily from many places within the island via land route, waterway and airway connections, is located 80 kilometers away. You can reach this place by flying to Cork Airport or taking buses. 

On the other hand, the economy of the region is historically based on agriculture and fishing. In the past, the facilities of one of the biggest drug producers of the world was here, but now, people rather earn from Harbor Trade and tourism. 

Dungarvan, which is mentioned by many British and Irish poets and authors in their works, is a sister town of Erie in the United States of America. In the town that offers amazing areas for the lovers of camping, you can also spend time on the beaches, visit museums or play golf in large courses. For accommodation, you can do reservations in small hotels in the center or reserve rooms in golf facilities.

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