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About Dundalk

Dundalk is located in the County Louth of Ireland. Dundalk is situated on the Castletown River and is near the border with Northern Ireland. It is located between Dublin and Belfast. Dundalk plays an important role as an industrial center with its location between Dublin and Belfast. Dundalk has attractive features with its environmental beauties.

The town, which has survived until today after the wars it suffered in the 16th and 17th centuries, entered into a modern period thanks to the development plan initiated by the landlord James Hamilton. Dundalk whose foundations were laid in the 1700s is today the seventh biggest industrial town of Ireland. Dundalk has a courthouse having a neoclassical architecture and neo-gothic cathedral to visit. In addition, the historical town museum which has gained many awards is also among the places to visit in Dundalk.

While Stephenstown Pond Nature Park, which is one of the green places of the town, provides a very convenient environment for family picnic, Dairy Maid coffee shop is one of the favorite places to take a breath. Dundalk has a long football history in addition to the beauties it has. The town is also famous for its sports activities. Dundalk can be reached through Dublin-Belfast railway line.

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