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The northernmost town of Ireland, Donegal means ‘the castle of foreigners’ in Gaelic. It’s thought that the town got its name after being used as a port town following the Viking invasion in the 8th century. Donegal has a western and northern coast to the Atlantic Ocean, and its warm summers and mild winters make it a place that can be visited throughout the year. There is both historic and natural beauty in the town with a port where the Eske River meets the sea. The beautiful town centre full of restaurants, bars, and culture is known as ‘the Diamond’.

Donegal is one of the best places to surf in Western Europe during the summer months. Aside from catching the eye of travellers with it’s beautiful fine sand beaches and lush walking trails, Donegal is also an important town for the history of Ireland. In this town with a fairy-tale charm, the ruins of the Donegal Monastery from the 15th century, O’Donnells Castle from the 16th century, and the recently renovated Donegal Château are among the top places to visit and provide the most amazing photographic backdrops.

The west side of the town is famous for its handmade wool textiles. In terms of Tweed fabrics, synthetic thread, and clothing manufacturing it is known not only countrywide but worldwide. The town is also known for its festivals and music events throughout the year. In July there is the jubilant ‘Town Film Festival’ and in August there is the ‘Food Festival’ centred completely on delicious foods. The international publication, National Geographic Traveler, chose Donegal as 'the coolest town' in 2017. The closest airport to Donegal is Donegal Airport. The distance between the town centre and the airport is 71 kilometres and you can use shuttle services or taxis for transport.

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