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Located near the touristic city of Kotor in Montenegro, Dobrota is small but definitely worth visiting. You can stroll through the old houses, head out to the hills and feast your eyes on the extraordinary view of Dobrota, surrounded by high mountains and hills.

St. Matthews Church is one of the stops you will surely enjoy visiting during your trip to Dobrota. Outside the old church dating back to the 17th century, the monasteries and the beaches that spread as far as the eye can reach are admired by tourists. If you travel to Dobrota during the summer months, you will have the chance to cool off by having a swim through the deep blue coast. In winter or cool spring, you will have to content yourself with remote viewing.

According to the last census in the region, the population of Dobrota is approaching to 10.000 people. Nearly half of the population is of Montenegrin origin, while the remaining majority is composed of the Croatians and Serbians.

You can see the first and only mental hospital in Montenegro as you stroll around Dobrota and its surroundings. As you climb a little further up to the hill, you will witness the gorgeus apprearance of the emerald green water that is twisted between the red-roofed houses.

Transportation to the region having the magic of the past thanks to its extraordinary history of thousands of years is provided through the port in Kotor. The airport in the capital Podgorica is located about 100 kilometers away.

You can always travel to Dobrota with peace of mind regardless of whether it is winter, spring or summer. However, the dramatically cooling of the weather in winter could make it a little difficult to stroll around. For this reason, it is best for you to make your trip in spring or summer times if possible.

While strolling along the historic hills of Dobrota, you can take a break and refresh yourself at the cafés or restaurants overlooking the coast. Tasty fish come together with traditional Montenegrin dishes and appetizers, giving visitors a sense of feast, in the area that is intertwined with sea. In summer, you can enjoy a cool drink with a huge glass of iced-coffee, lemonade or orange juice.

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