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Demre (formerly Kale) is a touristic Mediterranean town in Western Antalya on the Southern tip of the Teke Peninsula. In the early Byzantine period it was the Lycian capital city Myra, established on the fertile plains surrounding the Demre river. St. Nicholas of Myra lived and was buried in the town in the 4th century. The St. Nicholas Church contains his tomb, as well as mosaics and murals from the 5th to 12th centuries. Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires left behind many other historical monuments from the coast to the Taurus Mountains. Stone-carved settlements, churches and tombs provide intriguing windows into the past. In the ancient city, visitors can explore the huge Roman theater and Roman bath and a centuries-old castle. From the coast, guided boat tours carry tourists to the nearby island of Kekova to see the Sunken City of Simena and the Simena Castle, evidence of the area’s important role as an ancient harbor. Many sightseers also visit the beautiful Demre Bird Paradise, a natural preserved area that provides a beautiful haven for local bird species.

Agriculture and tourism provide the main incomes for locals. Affordable seaside hotels and seafood restaurants are abundant in Demre and surrounding towns. The closest airport is Antalya Airport, about 150 km away. For those interested in history, Demre is a nice addition to a tour of Antalya.

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