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Costa da Caparica, which can be reached by driving in approximately twenty minutes from Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, is a cute coastal town. This place mesmerizes you with its wonderful beaches that are not known so much by the tourists but preferred frequently by the local people. Undoubtedly, Costa da Caparica needs to be visited by those who look for a natural view in their holiday filled with swimming and sunbathing, and it combines the past with the present with its both traditional and modern nature. As soon as you arrive in this town, the first thing to see will be its endless coasts. Here, it is possible for you to find all the water activities you seek on the Atlantic coasts. You can surf with insane waves and have a different experience on the famous nude Meco Beach of Portugal. Thanks to a railway system on the coast via Transpraia that enables transportation between the beaches, you can see the locality by saving time. In addition to being an appropriate holiday destination for families due to its coastal structure, Costa da Caparica has never avoided developing and could maintain its natural characteristic despite everything, offering a warm vacation to its visitors.

Convent of the Capuchos (Monastery), which is one of the most attractive structures in the region in terms of architecture, offers a breathtaking top view of the town beside its architectural beauty. It will be quite an exciting experience to climb up the monastery that was built on the top and to come across the view you will have after reaching there. The engraving from 1558 in the monastery will highly fascinate you and enable you to have a look at this small and natural side of the town from a different perspective. Another thing that needs to be seen in the town of Costa da Caparica is the sculpture Estatua Dr. Horacio Louro. Placed in the center of the town, this sculpture is the symbol of the town. lf you do not have a picture with this sculpture, it means you have not spent efficient time in Costa da Caparica. There are bars and restaurants, where you can eat or experience the night life, around the sculpture.

If you want to spend a nice time with your family or friends, you can visit Urban Garden of Costa da Caparica apart from the coasts. In this garden, there are many play areas and adventurous sections as well as the eating and drinking places at a very close distance. Here, you can easily do a lot of activities such as skating and riding a bicycle with your children. We strongly recommend you to go to Belem with the boats along the coast. One of the fascinating aspects of Costa da Caparica is the close distance of the attractions to each other. Fishing is quite common in the region, and Costa da Caparica selects its most delicious fish stew with the competition Concurso da Caldeirada Pescador held in April every year.

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