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About Cortona

Established by Etruscans, Cortona is the oldest city of Tuscany and also one of the most popular locations for the tourists after Venice. This mountain village located in the country of Tuscany will appeal to both your eyes and your stomach with its traditional Tuscany cuisine, vine and vineyards. Both the Tuscany and Cortona cuisine are famous for mainly meat and home-made pasta. Therefore, Cortona is a frequent destination of gourmet journeys for many people. Also, Cortona is one of the attractive spots for vine tasting, where you can join vine tasting tours of various types of vine produced in locals’ own vineyards.

Upon a long walk through the alleys and steep slopes of Cortona, you will be fascinated by the view of Lago Trasimeno and Val Di Chiana. In Cortona where you can take hiking routes, you should absolutely see the Basilica of Santa Margherita and Convent de Le Celle.

You can take a look at the squares of Piazza Garibaldi and Piazza della Repubblica for relaxing, discovering the narrow streets, and shopping in this mountain town. In Piazza della Repubblica, you can also see Santa Maria degli Angeli Church, one of the works of Michelangelo.

Cortana has a hot and temperate climate, that is why the best time to visit this lovely town is spring, when you can witness nature’s awakening, or autumn, when you can experience vine-harvesting joy.

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