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About Corsica

Corsica, which is one of the most beautiful settlements of France, is frequently visited by especially domestic tourists in fall and summer holidays despite of not being a tourist destination as famous as Lyon, Nice and Paris. It is possible to come across many historical ruins and structures while travelling round Corsica which is famous for its natural beauties and fantastic nature views that it offers in all seasons. The settlement attracts thousands of visitors every year with its culture, traditions, mountains with sea view and wonderful bays. It offers a fantastic environment for its visitors thanks to its forests, frozen lakes, plateaus, cliffs and even desert. Corsica has a wonderful location in Tyrrene located just 12 km north of Sardinia. One of France's closest cities to Italy, Corsica is home to incredible historical attractions. Corsica, which is one of the closest cities to Italy, is home to incredible historical beauties. Many people know Corsica as the administrative capital of Ajaccio on the western coast and the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte. Some of the nearby cities that you can also visit are Bastia, Saint-Floren and Calvi in the north, Cargèse in the west as well as Corte, Porto-Vecchio and Bonifacio. Flyboard, which is the most popular activities that can be enjoyed in Corsica, offers an extraordinary experience. In addition, you shouldn’t leave the city without seeing the surprising faces of the authentic menhir statutes exhibited in the outdoor prehistory museum of Filitosa. The famous Trinichellu (the little train) invites visitors to an adventurous travel. You can find yourself in amazing places by getting on a train and take pictures of the coastline and gorgeous mountains during the travel.

The cuisine of Corsica is famous for its local dishes that you cannot even taste in the most touristic cities of France. You can visit one of the restaurants to try some of these tastes specific to Corsica. For example, you can eat fresh fish and seafood in Corsica restaurants. Most of the dishes in Corsica are prepared with olive oil and flavored with spices such as fennel, thyme and black pepper. If you visit Corsica before or after the summer season, you can taste delicious dishes prepared with fresh seasonal products. It is possible to fly to Corsica by transferring through the cities like Marseilles, Ajaccio, Bastia and Propriano.  

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