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Corfu town is the largest and most important town of Corfu Island, which is in the north of the Ionian Islands in Greece. Corfu Island, where the town is situated, has been controlled by many foreign powers such as the French and British throughout its history and has a significant geographical location. The name Corfu, which means “Peaks”, refers to the twin hills built with such endurance to withstand the sieges of the Ottoman Empire. The town swarms with restaurants, live-music bars and small shops between the two hills. Corfu hosts 39 churches impresses its visitors with its gorgeous architectural structures and advanced museums. 

Moreover, the south coasts of the town attract attention with the impressive structures of the Greek, Italian, French and British architecture.  Corfu, filled with culture and history, has been in UNESCO Cultural Heritage List since 2007. Spandau Square, where the best views of the town and significant monuments are found, the Municipality Building - the meeting point of the Venetian merchants in old times - and the Ionian Parliament built in 1854 are among the worth-seeing places of Corfu.

It is observed when headed southwards in Corfu that the number of sandy beaches increases but the environment gets calmer.  The northern part is more mountainous and wider. Coastal areas are reinforced with pebbled beaches. There are large and small fishing and coastal towns around Corfu. Some of these are Benitses, a quite old fishing town located in 12 km south of the town, and Gouvia with touristic beaches in 8 km north... The airport of the island Ioannis Kapodistrias is quite close to the town. Furthermore, it is possible to go to Corfu Town through Athens and Thessaloniki.

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