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About Constantia

In Cape Town of South Africa, Constantia is a first town coming to mind when it comes to wine, and it is famous for the wine houses dating back to the 17th century.

Groot Contantia has been the oldest wine production area of South Africa since 1865. This estate serves as both the wine house and the museum, in which you can find special collection pieces dating back to its establishment. This place is a centre of attraction for the visitors with its two exclusive restaurants, degustation and wine cellar tours, and the museum and can be visited with the whole family. You can easily reach here since it is one of the bus-stops of the city sightseeing tour’s buses.

In Constantia Valley, it is possible to choose activities that you can treat yourselves such as award-winning restaurants, a luxurious boutique hotel and spa, or you can just spend your time on one-day activities such as hiking, zip lining, bike tour, horse riding, shopping in the unique shops of the region, wine farm tours etc.

Constantia Green Winery is a special degustation facility located around 20 minutes away to the city centre. You can enjoy both the view and the wine in its custom-design rooms in which you can watch vineyards and taste wine. In Constantia, you can take a flavour tour and try both local or world couisine with wide price scale, ranging from award-winning restaurants to street food.

The region has Mediterrenean climate, and though Constantia can be visited thoroughout the year, March-May or September-November are ideal periods for the visit.

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