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Chefchaouen or Chaouen, which is located at the foot of the Rif Mountains in Northwest Morocco, is a promising attraction center for tourists. This city is far from noisy confusion of the crowded Marrakech, and it is famous for its walls where you can witness every shade of blue. Chefchaouen, in which the Sephardic Jews settled in the 1500s, was painted blue color, because the color reminds the divine power and the sky. People still maintain this tradition. Unlike in Marrakech, in the Chefchaouen markets you can relax by hanging out and also you can decide to what you will buy without the pressure of the seller. You can purchase fine quality, cheap and real souvenirs, which are totally produced by local people. Although it is quite cheap, trying to bargain with the seller will also have a positive result. You should definitely try to bargain for a nice leather bag or carpet.

The museum, which is located in the main square of the city and also known as Ethnography or Kasbah, hosts a large collection. Next to the museum, there is a mosque from 15th-century that only Muslims are allowed to visit, and which was built by the son of the city's founder, Alli Ben Rachid. The Cascades d'Akchour waterfall, one of the hidden beauties in Morocco, is located near the Chefchaouen. You can easily swim in the waterfall, which can be reached in approximately 30 minutes by car from the Kasbah. Moreover, you can visit the Bridge of God across the river. To visit the Spanish Mosque, you must climb the way up from the Medina. If you take this road at a time close to sunset, you may have a chance to witness a splendid sunset view. It is almost a full day activity to take photos with the blue doors of Chefchaouen. You should definitely take pictures in front of the interesting doors.

Chefchaouen cuisine, where Arabic and Mediterranean cuisine are combined, includes familiar flavors for us, such as kebab made of red meat, casserole and couscous. You can also try fresh seafood in addition to these wonderful flavors. The best time to travel to Chefchaouen, where the summers are hot and dry and which has a mild climate in the winters, is the period between May and October.

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