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About Chatswood

Chatswood is located in Sydney which is one of the most touristic cities of the country. Chatswood is connected to the state borders of New South Wales of Australia. In the region established only 10 kilometers north of the city center, there are many offices and houses. According to written sources, the increase in the number of settlements in the region dates back to the late 1800s. Sydney Harbor Bridge, which was opened in 1932, has an important share in the development of Chatswood. The region, which has been rapidly changing since the 1950s, can be shown among the main attractions of the city today.

While visiting Chatswood and its surroundings, you can get a chance to see many tourist areas such as Seven Gables, Windsor Gardens and Wyckliffe. In the region, which is one of the developed commercial areas in the northern part of the city, you can visit the discount stores in Victoria Avenue and its surroundings and see the office buildings here. Especially, shopping centers like Westfield Chatswood and Chatswood Chase Sydney are highly popular. 

In addition to these places, Chatswood promises a wonderful and unique atmosphere for its visitors with its small shops, charming and pleasant cafes and pleasant restaurants where you can try delicious tastes from the world cuisines such as Japanese, Chinese and Korean. In the daytime, you can spend time by visiting the discount stores and parks in the surrounding area, and in the evening, you can choose one of the countless cafes, bars and restaurants. Moreover, thanks to the advantageous location of the region, transportation to many places in Sydney is easy and convenient by using the means of public transportation and taxis. 

In the region, the market set up in Chatswood Mall every Thursday is definitely worth seeing with its live music performances and stalls where various items are sold. If you are looking for a hotel to stay in and around Chatswood, you can choose one of the facilities such as The Mantra located right near the train station or The Sebel located next to the Westfield Shopping Center. 

You have the chance to travel to Chatswood by train. The travel lasts about 10 to 15 minutes from Sydney's central points. You can directly reach Chatswood Railway Station from many regions in Sydney by using connecting train routes. When you land at the international airport of the city, keep in ming that you can reach the region by using systems such as bus, taxi or UBER. 

According to the census conducted in 2016, the total population of those living in Chatswood is around 25 thousand. The majority of the population of the region consists of those born in Australia. Those coming from countries such as China, Hong Kong, India, Taiwan and South Korea are other segments living in Chatswood in addition to the Australians. 

Chatswood, which is home to many theater plays, musical shows and concerts every year, is very lively in the fields of culture and art. The Willoughby Festival, which takes place in the spring months, is celebrated enthusiastically with many participants from Sydney and other regions. In the spring and summer months, you can come to Chatswood Park and have a relaxing time on the grass, and enjoy the sunny and warm weather. 

In Chatswood located on the South Hemisphere, seasons are reversely experienced compared to the north. The period, when the air temperature is measured at the highest values, is December and January.

In these months, temperatures in Chatswood are measured in the range of 24-25 degrees. In June and July, which are the winter months, average temperatures can drop to 7-8 degrees. However, it is important to keep in mind that it is not very cold in the winter and you will not have much difficulty while traveling. 

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