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About Ceske budejovice

České Budějovice located in the South Bohemian Region of Czechia was founded in the valley connecting Vltava River and Malše Stream. Since its foundation in the 13th century, the city has served as the commercial, religious and social metropolis of the region. České Budějovice, also mentioned as Budweis, is known for Budweiser beers which have been produced for hundreds of years, known worldwide and named after České Budějovice.

Premysla Otakara II Square, the largest square of the whole Bohemian Region, and buildings from Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture surrounding the square form the city center and sets an ideal beginning point for a city tour. 72-meter high Black Tower is listed as a must-see symbol of the city and offers the visitors a spectacular city view.  Samson’s Fountain and St. Nicholas Cathedral are also worth visiting.

There are countless museums in České Budějovice. The Motorcycle Museum, where almost a hundred antique motorcycles, some of which are completely unique, are exhibited, stands out with its difference. The South Bohemian Museum deserves to be visited with its quite rich collection. Budweiser Brewery beer factory is another worth-seeing spot. The city visitors are specifically recommended to try the local beers and food made of game meat.

While the average temperature is measured around 17-18 degrees in summer in České Budějovice, where humid continental climate is observed, it drops down to -2 in winters.  It rains throughout the year, but the highest level of rainfall is recorded in June and July.

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