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About Celje

Celje is a beautiful town in Slovenia located by the Savinja River in the Lower Savinja Valley which is covered with forests. Celje, the third biggest town of the country, is described as the ‘town in water’ due to its close relation with the river. You are influenced by the history filled with legends, culture and food in the town which makes you feel home while visiting it.

It is known that Celje, with a history dating back to very old times, was founded as ‘Claudia Celeia’ by the Roman Emperor Claudius in the 1st century. The ruins of the first settlement are still preserved in the archeological site Celeia. Most of many significant structures such as the fortification walls, monuments, sculptures and churches consist of those from the Middle Age. You can see the centuries-old development of the town when you visit the Regional Museum. Celje Castle, located on a hill in the south, was the commandership of the earls administering the Slovenian lands in the Middle Age and a magical place filled with famous family intrigues and love stories; and undoubtedly, St. Daniel Church constructed in the 15th century is also one of the most attractive buildings of the town. The Old Landgraviate Building, one of the most beautiful Renaissance artifacts, the Prince’s Mansion shown as the national monument and the Josip Pelikan Photographic Studio are among the worth-seeing spots on the crowded route of the town.

The market of Celje is one of the most beautiful architectural designs you can ever see contrary to the street markets, and you can taste the homemade delicacies on saturdays. Again on saturdays, you can travel till the border of Crotia by taking the Celje-Podčetrtek Miras Train, which keeps the past of the town live and has a nostalgical atmosphere, from the elegant terminal that remained from the 19th century. You can’t stop taking pictures while walking around the structures built in style of an art supported by the local administration.

You will also enjoy visiting the contemporary art galleries in Celje, which is one of the important cultural and economic centers in Slovenia. Jože Pučnik Airport in Ljubljana is the closest airport to land on when you want to got o Celje by air, where there are lots of horse-riding centers, golf courses, cycling tracks and well-kept gardens. The distance between the airport and the town center is approximately 100 kilometers and it is possible to come by shuttles to the points where you will take a bus or a train. You can also take a taxi or rent a car if you’d like to.

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