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With its wonderful location in the foothills of Canada, Cape Breton Island is located in the east side of the province of Nova Scotia. This pretty island, one of the favourite destinations for the ones who like peaceful holiday in touch with the nature, welcomes thousands of visitors each year despite its small surface area. It is possible to see the small fishing boats in the harbour of the ward during the day. Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site is an interesting museum you can get informed about the life of Graham Bell in this oxygen-rich island of Canada. Nearby the ward, Highland Village also enlightens us about the lives of the Scottish throughout history. Cape Breton Island, located in the coastline of the province Nova Scotia, also has Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site. You can see the remains of the archaeological excavations in the region and the tools used there in the old times. The Fortress of Louisbourg, located within this historic site amazes every single one of the visitors with its historic construction. There are plenty of places to visit in this historic site. Moreover, the lighthouses are very famous in Cape Breton. Louisbourg Lighthouse, Kidston Island Lighthouse, Enragee Point Lighthouse and St. Poul South West Lighthouse are just a few of them that must be seen. St. Peter’s Canal National Historic Site simply resembles a lanscape painting with its canals in which you can witness the harmony of green and blue, multi-coloured fishing boats, very green parks and picnic areas. Being in the coast of Atlantic Ocean, Cape Breton Island has a temperate climate. You can also visit the closest place to the island and also the capital of Cape Breton, Halifax for a day.

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